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Southern Praying Mantis

Self Protection. Martial Fitness. Personal Wellness.

Southern Praying Mantis is one of the more  rare Southern Chinese Martial Arts with rich combative technology which  places  emphasis on close-range ‘ in’  fighting.  The system is known for its short explosive power methods, advanced foot work and Iron body development. Southern Mantis  has aspects of both internal and external training. In application, the emphasis is on hand and arm techniques, the use of low kicks, joint locking and grappling skills.


All open lessons are small group!


All for use. Nothing for show.

The head instructor teaching martial skill in Belvidere, Illinois is Riley J. Boyer, Sifu. He began his hands on study of Southern Shaolin Kung Fu circa 1995.  While specializing in  Southern Praying Mantis,  Riley also has supplemental training in: Yang  Tai Chi Chuan, Taoist Yoga, Iron Lohan, and Pak Mei Martial Arts…among other interests.





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