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Simply Gung Fu: Countryside Arts

School of Physical Studies            Located in Belvidere Illinois

MISSION STATEMENT: Our goal at Simply Gung Fu Countryside Arts is to encourage the community’s health and wellness by heightening the personal awareness and self-assurance of the individual. This is done through the training methods of traditional martial arts.

江西竹林寺南螳螂派功夫 國術社

Whats in  a name?   江西竹林寺南螳螂派 reads in Cantonese as: Gong Sai Juk Lam Ji Naam Tong Long Paai   This title gives the family tree and geographical origins of our praying mantis system of martial art. Additionally, The symbol 功夫 means Gung Fu and is  a term which is referencing advanced trade skill.   國術社 Gwok Suet Si  is a mark used to differentiate traditional or historical lineages  vs.  methods of sport development. 

Bamboo Forest Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu is a close quarters system which  focuses heavily upon the development of  short power for; striking, locking/seizing,  kicking and  grappling.  These applications are reinforced through traditional strength training and bone conditioning exercises designed for both health and martial application.     The martial skills of Mantis Fist are tempered  by the meditative and self regulating  practices of Taoist Yoga / self regulating skills.

All for use. Nothing for show.

Prairie Mantis Gung Fu: The People’s Art

The head instructor teaching martial skill in Belvidere, Illinois is Riley Boyer, Sifu. He first began his hands on study of Southern Shaolin Kung Fu circa 1995. While specializing in  Southern Praying Mantis and Taoist Yoga, Sifu Riley also has supplemental training in Yang style Tai Chi Chuan, Iron Lohan, and Pak Mei Martial Arts, among other interests.


We fix Broken Gung Fu Here!

Hand to hand-heart to heart. If you don’t come I won’t start.
If you strike first, I will hit first.
Once I’ve begun I will not stop until it’s done.