Southern Mantis

 Southern Praying Mantis


Ages 18 +


Mantis Fist 101: 

Beginning with the fundamental course and then moving through our 5 point syllabus,  you will learn the Southern Praying Mantis system of martial art through a scaffolding process designed for quality comprehension. We will cover many combat drills and applications as well as functional strength, conditioning and mobility training.

You will learn to use your martial Gung fu in self protection as well as how to stay martially fit.

The goal of this class is to provide each student with a solid understanding of the mantis fist system.

  • Prerequisite:  Fundamental program:  minimum of 50 hours.
  • Complete the fundamentals  and you will receive in-house rate for 1:1 lessons.
  • Complete the  fundamentals and you will receive discounts on focus classes.
  • Complete the fundamentals and  you will receive discounts on in-house seminars.

Monthly cost :

  • Mantis fist: 1 lesson per week – $75.00/Month.
  • Mantis fist: 2 lessons per week — $125.00/Month.

 Mantis Fist 102

This  masters course is for the very dedicated and hard-core students of southern praying mantis gung fu. Those who wish to make training more then a hobby.  The requirements are greater,  as are the rewards.   This course will take you through the system of southern praying mantis in a very comprehensive manner by allowing for  a more regular training schedule.

  • Prerequisite : Completion of Fundamental Training Program.
  • Prerequisite:  Minimum of 100 hours mantis fist 101 training.
  • 4 days per week mantis training.
  • You will receive additional discounts on focus classes.
  • You will receive additional discounts on  in-house seminars.

Monthly Tuition:

Mantis fist: 4 lessons per week $250.00 per month

Mantis Fist 103

This apprenticeship program will define and refine the inner details of the traditional forms and training methods found in the southern mantis system and is a requirement if you wish to teach.  You will work through phase 6 and 7 of the prairie mantis syllabus as you also learn how to instruct and design curriculum based upon the individuals needs.  Here we will fine tune  to a deep level of  understanding  and ability in Southern Mantis along with  continued instruction in Hakka Fist technology. We will include the focused study of herbs  and other related arts as well as Tai Chi Chuan.

This program is reserved for ‘closed door’ students.

Bamboo Forest Temple Southern Praying Mantis Family

  • Prerequisite: The five phases syllabus
  • Upon acceptance you will receive Unlimited in-house class access.
  • Required Teaching duties
  • 1:1 instruction