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 Adult information (18 yrs and up):

  • contact us or just stop by to schedule.
  • All group classes are small group so space is limited.

Old school Martial Arts Training: Self Protection, Martial Fitness, and Personal Wellness.

  • Private instruction – 60 minutes.
  • Public instruction – 90 minutes.
  •  Chi Kung / Taoist yoga / tai chi  Instruction 60 minutes.

Your First Lesson is Always Free! All experience levels welcome! Contact us today!

  • Martial Kung Fu (SPM) : 1 lesson per week – Tuition $75.00/Month
  • Martial Kung Fu (SPM) : 2 lessons per week –Tuition $125.00/Month
  • Chi Kung / Taoist Yoga: 1 sessions per week. Tuition $50.00/month
  • Chi kung / Taoist Yoga: 2 sessions per week. Tuition $ 75.00/month
  • Chi kung  + SPM (in separate class):  Appropriate SPM tuition + $36.00 / month


  • Mantis Drop in rate – $18.00/active students . Subject to availability
  • Tai Chi /  Taoist Yoga: Drop in rate : $10.00 / session subject to availability


  •  1:1 session active student :  $36.00/ hr.  –Talk with Sifu Riley directly.
  •  1:1 session non-student : $72/ hour– talk with Sifu Riley directly


  • Focus Classes /in house seminars: Prices vary, as do schedules.
  • For Seminars / Out Of Town : Please Contact us directly or Phone: 815-701-8060


At this time we are taking new students

Youth Kung Fu: One 60 minute lesson per week.  $80.00/month

  • All youth must be willing and able to participate in class without providing distractions for class mates.
  •  limited class size, no large groups!!
  • no contracts

Youth Class information (ages 11-14):  contact us for availability.

Youth ages 15-17 :  contact us for availability.



Come Experience “Prairie Mantis Gung Fu: The People’s Art”

For questions, Please email us at


Special Offers to claim:
  • Students Referral: Bring a friend who then enrolls in training and you will receive a “finders credit” of $15  value. Valid after new referral pays for their 2nd month.
  • Open Gym: Keep your eyes open for OPEN GYM HOURS. Informal training. Free sessions open to all adult students, so come train!

Terms and Conditions:
These terms and conditions are in lieu of contracts, test fees and other shady bits of business. Make life easy for us in all of these matters,  be responsible.
  • Direct deposit payments   ( void check required for active bank account  ).
  • Let us be friends, do not ask for credit.
  • No refunds on paid tuition.
  • $25 fee for returned / bounced/or late tuition.
  • We reserve the right to refuse training for any reason.
  • Hours  are subject to change as deemed necessary.
  • All promotions are subject to verification.