endurance and conditioning with a heavy bag

There are several angles to consider when you address martial fitness some of which I am better at then others. But when you Are looking at combative arts then you had better take your training serious and not deny the need for constant refinement.

This would certainly include martially minded endurance and conditioning.

In Prairie Mantis the vast majority of conditioning is handled with a human partner But we do use supplemental equipment as well– it only makes sense to do so. no need to look for special equipment…attack the bag.

Personally I try to keep things simple in my training. Within my standard rotation, the heavy bag is a foundation training tool.

I have written about working with the heavy bags using a steady, sort of relaxed, pace to gain flow for function. This in and of its self is the root to having endurance while expressing more explosive power.  First you gain a sense of rhythm while working basic combinations and then you learn to improvise.

Understanding mantis Saan sau will open the door to many striking ideas.

But is it that simple?

Fuck no its not. Smashing on a heavy bag for three to five minutes non-stop with full intent  can be a real test of our fighting stamina.  Now repeat that for three or five rounds….with only a minute or two in-between each. You are now working on one aspect of proper combat endurance training…one respectable and mandatory aspect for combat arts, no doubt.

I wake up start stretching and drinking coffee as i am wondering how i can get the locals to take me seriously. Then I head in to focus train in the afternoon…I wind myself and I wonder, how can I take myself seriously. I teach for a while and then when I get home I eat. I crash out and then I repeat.

 Martial fitness requires consistent self audits to ensure that you are actively living what you are promoting, that is to say you should have functional strength and endurance and the absolute discipline to maintain it. It is usually pretty clear who is engaged in martial art for function and who simply likes to stay comfortable and sling it on the side…and as always, don’t feed the trolls…just train.

Keep in mind that the type of heavy bag  that you use will affect the situation at hand. Be aware of what you are looking to accomplish and train accordingly. I advise that you follow the appropriate progressions for contact conditioning just as you would for everything—slow, steady, daily focus with a mindful coach.   Keep in mind that you do not want to get into the habit of pulling your power…this would not be beneficial to your goal  as a functional well rounded martial artist.  Find your threshold and build from there…do not just assume injuries are  to be expected. Just remember that Intelligent training will minimize injuries…not completely avoid them.  However, If you are not fully aware of yourself and your equipment, well, YOU may get hit by the bag and this can set you back if you are not ready for it.

Here  you can watch a clip  I took from this afternoon.

Nothing Fancy Simply Gung Fu.