four master hand techniques

There are numerous individual hand techniques in southern mantis that are differentiated by the angle and shape that the hand uses upon leaving the heart. Even if we were to only look at the 18 Lohan hand skills, many dozens of combinations exist from which to drill and make applicable for self protection.  This is because in the essence of application you will find  that these hands all revolve around just a few basic principles that can interchange at will.

1: Double bridge methods

2: Single bridge methods

3: complementary bridge methods

4: exchanging ( pass-off)  bridge methods


Every saan sau drill, every complex training formula ever written, consists of these  four standard skills. Break them  down.

As the individual hand techniques are introduced follow these four formats. Then expand the process into the strength training skills; both hard hand as well as soft hand.  Practice being alive by using your breathing to energize and support you.

These skills can be seen in broken bridge as well as sticking bridge exercises and are nearly all interchangeable with each other– with the right mindset.

With this thinking we can simplify our training perception and then begin to open our free hand play beyond set pattern drills.