Focus Classes

Focus classes


We offer to the local community these short focus classes to further highlight the specific skills of the traditional martial artists without the commitment of a strict schedule. You do not need to be an active student to participate in these classes!

This class is available as a  drop-in option for the local community as well as  for active students who wish to gain more experience in the three pillars of martial studies.

  • Self Protection
  • Martial Fitness
  • Personal Wellness

We will cycle through the various skills throughout the seasons to bring a wide range of physical studies to the community each day will provide a new and challenging session of training.


Please Note: For certain classes you will be required to provide your own basic equipment like running shoes and boxing gloves.



Focus classes are priced based upon the activity and are a pay as you go class. Please visit our current schedule for active classes.

  • Current students who have completed the fundamental mantis program will receive in-house discount on all focus classes.
  • Current Taiji / Chi Gung  students receive in-house prices on our Taiji or meditation focus classes