another day doing what i do

Nothing in life is guaranteed, right?


It is guaranteed that if you quit then you will never succeed.

In order to gain footing in any martial art we all must learn the value of repeated effort, especially (but not only) while building the foundation. Only over time will we begin moving beyond the frustrations of making basic mistakes.

Many fail to understand this fact and  give up on themselves–often times with some external excuse for  the failure.

We certainly must abandon the notion that what we are doing is simple and that we should be skillful over a few short nights of practice. Even more so if our previous lifestyle has been less then beneficial to the process.

As humans we tend to make things much harder then we need to.

Once you gain consistency in your training you can open  up to becoming an artist.

Practice 10, 000 repetitions of a given skill and then train it.

Within 10,000 repetitions  of practice you make every mistake that you can and thus  you are able to correct them. You are then able to train the technique with proper mechanical coordination and intent.

This takes a bit of self study…I mean the study of thy self.

I am sometimes told my expectations are too great–that I hold people to too high of a standard. However I put little  effort into people that I am not interested in seeing improve,  so I will not waiver in mou dak  武德 and this is seen by those with an eye for it. This reality is also like repellent for the less then fitting.

Martial art is a way of life.

I digress.

I can not account for what other people do with their time or who they choose to consider a quality resource nor can I expect others to find what I do all that interesting.

To me worrying about what others do is a distraction.

I am on a real quest,  one that will not allow for such slack to dominate my decision making. I am on a mission to be just a little better today then yesterday and I know exactly what I do not want to be.

 I am not looking to just sell shit nor am i interested in a lullaby lifestyle.

I am fueled by knowing damn well that my version of these old arts need continued improvement if I am to be on par with my  predecessors.


I look to make my personal training applicable and simple.

Most importantly I

Train daily to avoid distractions.


The only way the process of turning yourself into a weapon will sink in is with

Hard work and dedication–over time.