a much needed break from social media.

I have decided  that I need to take a few steps  away from the all too popular social media platforms. The madness of the internet is increasingly unhealthy these days–politicks man, it’s all politricks.

With the state of union and all the drama in the rest of the world I think it is better if I simply unplug and go back to the way things used to be for a while–not ignorant to the madness but simply separated from it.   Way too much useless chatter going on…and people all have opinions. The political madness is very much going against my calm.  So, I think that it is best to stay focused on my personal vision. The easiest way I can achieve this is to SIMPLY remove the apps from my smartphone…boom.

Now I must actively sit down at my laptop here at home if i am to see the crazed.

I will be working more on my own head space and my own personal development as I bring more opportunities for the face to face community.


words of experience.