A moment for movement

Movement is something that humans simply take for granted…then they wonder why it’s not there when they try to access it.

This can be both frustrating and embarrassing. My advice, let that shit go and get to fixing your structural dysfunctions.

You can either let your current state of being dominate your day to day by feeding yourself excuses and doubts, or you can begin, right now,  training in the art of perfecting yourself!

Choose your goal oriented path and fucking dominate it!

Get comfortable being uncomfortable!

Getting comfortable at something is what brings calm. Calm brings clarity and clarity illuminates the process. Once you are clear about your goals you will be able to enjoy the difficult task of becoming the strongest version of yourself.

A large part  of martial art training is  learning movement.

Proper movement will help prevent injury as well..

Its important to understand full ranges of motion. I would like to clarify that I am not necessarily talking about being flexible, although this is certainly a factor, as you develop.  I am speaking more about having full ranges of motion and strong connective tissues so that you are able to articulate the joints of your body naturally–while under stress.   It is noted that many have lost their natural ranges of motion and therefore assume it is a flexibility issue they have but often times this is not the case. Instead you simply need to regain a sense of your human potential. Once you have control of your mobility you can then start to improve strength and flexibility.

To be able to bend over and touch your toes, with straight legs, is not a display of flexibility….it is a natural range of motion that many  adults ( and youth) have lost.

If you do not move your body, you will simply lose the ability to do so. This is not complicated. This should frighten everyone to the point of action. If all you do is sit then you can not expect your vital energy to flow freely…basically your “chi” stagnates.


If you build up your muscle size without working full ranges of motion, the inability to articulate your body structure correctly will develop. You will be in serious risk of damaging your connective tissues as your muscles try to overcompensate. Being muscular is a good goal but not at the expense of functional strengths.

As mantis boxers we have three vertical gates to consider; High, middle and low.  One of the key components to functioning  in real time is to master the ability to freely maneuver with in the three gates.

Practicing basic movement should be fun. When it comes to learning, or better yet, re-learning functional movement it helps to draw upon  natural animal mechanics and most importantly engage in play.

You will be amazed at what just a few minutes of this training will cover, as far as overall health is concerned: Stress relief,  strength, flexibility and endurance just to name a few highlights.  Each of these will have their own ripple effect in your over all training…and will directly influence your martial art ability.

Yes, you do need to be mindful. I’ve said this in other posts but its worth repeating: You must take your own current state of ability into account when you begin training.  Honestly acknowledge the abilities of your strength, coordination and balance so that you do not cause unnecessary injury.  It is very easy to overestimate yourself…just as its very easy to underestimate what you are capable of doing.

 Here you see me linking several  low gate steps into an unscripted flow drill. I used this as  part of today’s warmup.